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Discover the warmth and support of our neuroaffirming group programs at Hide and Speech Allied Health, carefully crafted for children navigating social, emotional, language, and cognitive challenges. Our approach is all about making the learning journey enjoyable and comfortable.

In our welcoming space, children find companionship in groups tailored to their age, language abilities, and shared goals. At Hide and Speech Allied Health, we offer a variety of group programs, perfectly suited for children aged 3 to 15 years. Our groups are suitable for children with autism spectrum disorder, language delays or disorders, attention difficulties or anxiety. Each group is facilitated by two qualified therapists. Our groups are limited to 4 to 8 children, allowing for personalised support.

Hide and Seek

A fun and interactive program for kinder aged children. This program will also incorporate social skills and school readiness skills. This program will focus on working in small groups to support the development of social and school readiness skills through an interactive and play-based program using an evidence-based approach. Each session includes group games and collaborative activities. 

  • When: Every Tuesday in Term 3, 1 pm to 3 pm

  • Cost:  $1,600 for a 10-week term.

  • Ages: 3 to 5 years

  • Where: Surrey Hills clinic

  • Note: Your child will need to bring along a snack and a water bottle


Hide and Think

Designed to cultivate social communication skills and emotional regulation strategies, Hide and Think is crafted for children aged 6-8. This program guides children through navigating various social situations, providing valuable tools for personal growth.  


  • When: Every Tuesday in Term 3, 4 pm to 4:50 pm

  • Cost:  $1,000 for a 10-week term.

  • Ages: 6-8 years

  • Where: Surrey Hills clinic


Hide and Grow

In the Hide and Grow program, children aged 8-11 will explore social thinking concepts and strategies to promote positive participation and meaningful relationships within a group setting. This program delves into effective communication, understand body cures, and honing problem-solving skills. Concepts such as 'meeting in the middle' and 'resilient winning and losing' will empower children to navigate social challenges with flexibility.


  • When: 

    • Group 1: Every Tuesday in Term 3, 4 pm to 4.50 pm​

    • Group 2: Every Monday in Term 3, 5 pm to 5.50 pm

  • Cost:  $1000 for a 10-week term

  • Ages: 8 to 11 years

  • Where: Surrey Hills clinic

teen classroom.jpg

Hide and Flex

Tailored for children 11-13, our Hide and Flex program places a spotlight on social skills, communication confidence, emotional expression and self regulation. Participants will learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships, fostering a strong foundation for positive social interactions.


  • When: Every Tuesday in Term 3, 5pm to 5:50 pm

  • Cost:  $1,000 for a 10-week term. 

  • Ages: 11 to 13 years

  • Where: Surrey Hills clinic

teenager classroom.jpg

Hide and Learn

Hide and Learn where we create a nurturing space for academic growth and social connections! Tailored for peers of similar ages (13+), it is more than just a place to tackle assignments and homework; it's a supportive haven for learning, sharing, and growing together.

In this collaborative environment, students engage in social interactions and conversations, fostering a sense of camaraderie. At Hide and Learn, we understand that learning is not just about completing the task - it's about building connections with like minded peers. Our dedicated therapists are here to provide the support you need. Whether it's seeking help with challenging concepts or guidance on a tricky problem, Hide and Learn is the place to ask questions and explore new ideas. We encourage self-advocacy, empowering students to express their needs and take charge of their learning journey. Hide and Learn is more than a space for academics; it's a stepping stone towards becoming confident, independent learners.


  • When: Every Tuesday in Term 3, 5 pm to 5:50 pm

  • Cost:  $600 for a 10-week term. 

  • Ages: 13+ years

  • Where: Surrey Hills clinic

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