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Our team of dedicated speech pathologists and occupational therapists offers comprehensive early intervention screening services for kindergarten and school groups. This invaluable tool is designed to prepare children for optimal learning and development, fostering enhanced social and academic participation.


Our screening services encompass thorough assessments conducted by our speech pathologists, who evaluate children's speech, language, and early literacy skills. Additionally, our occupational therapists conduct screenings to assess children's progress in meeting crucial developmental milestones.

The screening process entails:

  • Assessing each child's specific speech sounds, ability to follow instructions, expressive language, and foundational skills crucial for reading and writing (e.g., phonological awareness) or their social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and play skills.

  • Conducting an individualised analysis of each child's skills.

  • Providing a comprehensive summary to parents and teachers, inclusive of all results and ongoing teaching/therapy recommendations to support each child's development.

  • Hosting a feedback session for teachers and parents, addressing any additional information or advice required. We can also support lesson planning to ensure that the screening results contribute to the continuous development of each child within the classroom.

  • Equipping families with resources to practice and reinforce areas identified during the screening that may benefit from additional support.


Ongoing group intervention is available for children who have been identified as requiring additional support.

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