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Our allied health assistants play a pivotal role in executing tailored therapy programs, under the ongoing supervision of a speech pathologist or occupational therapist. This involves setting achievable goals, defining strategies to reach them, and closely monitoring progress. The collaborative nature of our approach allows for continuous refinement and improvement of the therapy program.

Engaging the services of an allied health assistant proves to be a cost-effective solution, providing a more accessible option. This affordability translates into increased intensity and frequency of therapy sessions, facilitating a more dedicated and focused support system for you and/or your child.

Benefits of working with an allied health assistant include:

  1. Swift access to therapy: Your child can receive therapy promptly, ensuring timely intervention and support.

  2. Cost-effective solutions: Our program offers a more economical way to access quality therapy services without compromising on standards.

  3. Increased Frequency: The affordability of allied health assistants allows for more frequent therapy sessions, providing ample opportunities for skill development.

  4. Generalization of skills: Our program extends beyond clinic walls, allowing for therapy in the comfort of your home or within the educational environment, promoting the generalisation of skills into daily life.


If you are keen to explore the benefits of our Allied Health Assistant Program, please feel free to contact our clinic at 03 9830 7050. We are eager to discuss how our program can specifically cater to your child's needs and contribute to their developmental journey.

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