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Why Choose Our Occupational Therapy Services?

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Our dedicated occupational therapists specialise in assisting children of all ages in developing essential functional skills. Our goal is to empower children to achieve maximum independence across all aspects of their lives. Whether your child is facing challenges with gross or fine motor skills, sensory processing, visual-perceptual abilities, or other developmental areas, our experienced occupational therapists are here to help.

At Hide and Speech, we recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each child. Our approach is personalised to meet the specific needs and goals of your child, ensuring a tailored and effective therapeutic journey. We are committed to nurturing your child's development, addressing sensory processing issues, fine and gross motor skills, and enhancing school readiness.


Our skilled occupational therapists specialise in supporting children in the following areas:

  • sensory regulation,

  • play skills,

  • self-care,

  • gross motor skills,

  • fine motor skills,

  • attention and concentration,

  • executive functioning,

  • and visual perception.



If you would like to know more about our services, or to book an appointment, please contact our friendly reception team.

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