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Young Boys Racing Wearing Watermelon Helmets


A little bit about Hide and Speech.

Hide and Speech Allied Health is a paediatric and adolescent allied health clinic, who provide speech pathology, occupational therapy and psychology services to young people and their families. We are committed to providing holistic and engaging evidence-based care. We are passionate about working collaboratively with families, educators and health professionals to help your child or teenager reach their full potential. 

Our fully qualified, experienced and FUN speech pathologists are trained to support young people in speech, language, communication and literacy development. Our occupational therapy team are trained in supporting the development of fine motor skills, self-care, gross motor skills, and sensory and emotional regulation. Our psychologist is trained in helping young people and their families achieve better emotional and mental health.


We conduct individualised and group intervention, and administer a variety of assessments. We aim to make our sessions fun and interactive by incorporating your young person's personality and interests.  

Our clinic.

We are proud of our custom-built clinic space. We currently have rooms that are suitable for our individual and group therapy programs. Our rooms are spacious and we are overflowing with interactive toys and games.   

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